Here’s a question that will date you, or at least show that you like TV reruns. Do you remember “I Love Lucy” and how she constantly planned ways to become a star with Ricky Ricardo’s band? Well, fast-forward a few years to my sequel and you will see I want to be a star in my forever home.
For starters, I am a bit sneaky like the other Lucy. My foster parents report that I started off by sitting at their feet and giving them a few love licks. In a day or so, I repeated the love licks but then moved to the couch. Love licks seem to be their currency! Really though, I am just a sweet girl. I do very well on a leash, am fully potty trained, understand commands, and go to my crate to nap and sleep. I love to ride in a car and am very curious, especially when meeting new people. I like other dogs, but don’t have much experience with cats. My foster mom noticed I am a little shy when it thunders, but I have used that for an excuse to cuddle.
I have some recovering to do, but am well on my way. Once I gain some weight, heal a bit, and get “my game on”, I will be ready to help you script many episodes of my own Lucy show. Lights, camera, action…