Lucky is lucky indeed. Blind and hearing impaired, his life was deemed unworthy by the high kill shelter where he ended up. Fortunately CBHR quickly scooped him up in their caring arms and he is now learning he is loved and valued.
Despite his limitations, Lucky gets around well using his nose and sense of touch. He is able to navigate in and out of a doggie door and up and down a few steps. Though he enjoys exploring and isn’t afraid to get around on his own, he would not do well with a lot of steps (getting up is not a problem…getting down is another story). 
Lucky may be a bit testy and cautious around new people at first but once you have earned his trust, he loves to be loved and petted. He would not do well around younger children. He hasn’t been around cats but since they could easily avoid him, it shouldn’t be problematic.  He is good around older dogs who give him space but might not like young or playful dogs. 
He enjoys short strolls outside but likes being inside most of the time. He doesn’t mind being in his crate and will stay in it all night with no problems. He is doing well with house training but could have an accident if he gets confused where he is and cannot get outside in time. Patience and routine are key with Lucky. 
Lucky needs eye drops twice a day to control pressure in his eyes. He is good about getting these as long as he can smell you and the drops. He seems to know they help him feel better so he usually doesn’t fight it. 
If you’re ready to give this deserving fellow a chance, call CBHR today. 05/10/16