Thank you CBHR for taking me back when my family couldn’t care for me any longer, thank you for giving me the best year of my life….Thank you Momma and Dad – I will love you forever! Good bye for now – I’m waiting for you at the Bridge.

Granny Lola – Now residing at 22 Fluffy Cloud Lane, The Bridge

Miss Lola here – good natured, recently widowed wonder-hound, and card toting member of the AARB looking for companionship with that special someone. I enjoy Bingo and knitting, but my passions are Yoga and Feng Shui – ask me about my downward hound or perhaps a more suitable way to place your furniture around. I’m doggie door trained, so that would probably be a good thing for my prospective adopter to have. I get along perfectly fine with other canines and I LOVE to be petted – you never outgrow that. All of these activities take a back seat, of course, when it’s time for a siesta. You don’t get to be my age without knowing exactly how things ought to be! I’ve got a little recuperating to do and I’ll be good to go. Foster mom says she can still see the sparkle in my eyes. My winsome looks and personality are unparalleled and can put a smile on your face in an instant. I’m young at heart, but looking for a fresh start… just ask for me, your place is where I long to be – Miss Lola! 10/16/13