I’m fnally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 03/01/16

Meet Linus! He hit a bit of a rough patch – needing rescuing and some medical attention and all. But CBHR and foster parents to the rescue… and we’re getting him all fixed up so he can begin the search for his forever home. He needed a little surgery and is dealing with some other minor health issues (diabetes insipidus), but is responding well to the medication. A dog door would be a great fit for Linus; currently we are helping him remember his house training, and he is progressing well. We are crate training at night and when we are at work. At least he is very happy to sleep in his crate on his orthopedic mattress. He remains a very affectionate and easy going little guy. He will let you know when you stop rubbing his belly and is not afraid to demand affection if he feels you are ignoring him. Please enjoy all the pics and video of this wonderful little guy. His coat has completely grown back after his surgeries and he is looking good! Please contact CBHR today to find out more about Linus and how you can become his new best friend. 11/11/15