When you think things that describe a female basset hound, does “petite” come to mind? I hope so because that describes me. Oh, I getting ahead of myself a bit…
First, my name is Lila. I have heard it said that my name indicates I have been through a lot, but most people wouldn’t know it. Funny how names seem to fit! I am a little older now and have a few joint aches, but my foster family says I have a sweet disposition and am low maintenance. I really don’t like to be alone, but that works out just fine because I like to be social with people and the other bassets in my foster home. The vet says I have a few things that need to be tended to, and I will be doing my part to mend soon. In the meantime, my foster family will be helping me gain a few pounds, but not too many so I can still consider myself “petite”. So, if you are looking for a mature, affectionate, and low key sort of girl, I might be just the one to come live with you. Remember, I don’t take up too much space but make the space I’m in more lovable.