I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 01/06/16

Kula (Pronounced cool-ah; means “Golden colored” in Hawaiian and accurately describes his honey colored speckles) is a sweet 10-year-old basset. He is a very mellow, calm, cooperative guy who would really like to be on your lap or by your side 24/7. He loves the great out doors and taking walks- especially if there are squirrels or rabbits in the area. He gets excited when his leash is clipped on; he is always ready for an outdoor adventure.

As wonderful as Kula is, we don’t think his past was always the best. Kula does not bark or lick. He also has a hard time with new places, people (especially men- although he does warm up with time and effort) loud noises and sudden movements. He is very friendly towards other dogs, cats and friendly humans, but because of his aversion to loud noises and sudden movements a home with young children might not be in his best interests. He would love a quiet, calm retreat with pleasant outdoor space to live out his golden years; he absolutely adores a good fenced in yard.

Kula rides in the car very well, but he does not like busy places (Petsmart, for example). He does not jump onto the furniture and his 95% potty trained. His foster parents are working on getting him into a routine so that an 8-hour workday absence doesn’t result in an accident. He makes it through an 8-10 hour night with no problems.

Kula will soon begin his heartworm treatment. Kula also has a non-heartworm related heart murmur, but he trots around like a puppy, so it doesn’t seem to be holding him back!

In short, Kula is an absolute sweet boy, trustworthy, affectionate, beautiful eyes, and a short soft coat that would make a great companion for humans and pets alike. 09/23/15