I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – thanks CBHR! 11/26/13

Joy is an awesome dog. We thought she would be a little sad about her owner passing away but she is just a happy girl. She loves to go for rides in the car. She loves kids. She does an awesome dance for a treat. She loves to go to the dog park but I am pretty sure in her mind she thinks it it the people park. If a Basset could be a Wallmart greeter she would be your girl.She also loves a good belly rub and when we are out walking and she sees a person she flips right over in case they might want to rub her belly.Lucky for her nobody can resist her so she gets a lot of belly rubs that way. She is good with other dogs. We have discovered that she has a hidden talent-She is a Rock Star! The family was playing Rock Band one night and while I was singing a song I suddenly realized I was singing a duet 🙂 She was harmonizing perfectly with me so it took a good 20 seconds for me to realize what she was doing. She was very proud of herself. She especially likes the songs with a lot of Ohoooooos. She would probably do best with a family that is not gone all day long because she really does not like it when people leave. We have been working on this and I hope she will get more used to it when she sees that we are always coming back. She had a doggie door in her last house so we have been working on getting her to tell when she need to go out. She is getting starting to get the hang of it. She is 10 but she is still pretty spry and we have a lot of stairs that she is able to go up and down. She is a hit everywhere we go. Couldn’t you use a little Joy in your life? 06/05/13