I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 05/01/17

Cat tested, kid approved! Joy is a super sweet beautiful older lady that holds true to her name by wagging her tail often and loving life. She may be an older gal but she loves to hike and can go for over 2 miles. She says age is just a number. She is house trained and uses the dog door in her foster home. She is a social pup and has been out and about meeting other dogs, people, and kids, all with a happy greeting. She loves everybody – two legged and four legged. She, on occasion, shows the slightest interest in cats but mostly let’s them be and gives a funny look to her foster sister who enjoys barking at the neighborhood cats.
Joy enjoys the girly side of life and enjoys a good brushing, is very patient with baths and let’s you trim her nails when needed. She did undergo a surgery on her ears (total ear canal ablation) to end the pain she was having from chronic ear infections. Her hearing has been affected but she can still hear some and seems to understand body signals and always knows when her foster mom goes into the kitchen.
Food does motivate her as much as the next hound, but listens to a firm no if she is trying to sneak a treat without permission. She will also jump up in anticipation of a treat but will sit when told/signaled. She is not much of a chewer or into playing fetch but she loves her back rubbed and will cuddle up as long as you want. She is petite for a basset weighing about 36 pounds, making her a perfect lap dog. Could you be the best friend Joy has been looking for? 01/07/17