I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 04/04/16
My name is Jordy, and I’ve been told I’m one of the longest basset hounds you’ll ever meet. Don’t delay… find out today! I’ve been living with my foster family for almost two weeks, and it’s been heaven. My foster mom keeps saying I remind her of her old golden retriever and that he was the most polite, loyal dog she ever knew. That’s nice – because she reminds me of my old home — I was loved a lot once before, and it’s nice to have so much love to give and receive again. Along with my foster family, I live with two smaller, active dogs. We all get along, but then again, I get along with everyone. I LOVE going on car rides, and my favorite place to go is the pet food store called Unleashed!  Everyone there is so friendly and they keep calling me a super cool dude.    I’ve been learning to use my voice and it’s fun, but I never woof first. That would be rude. I let the foster family dogs bark, and then I woof. But when my foster parents come home from work it’s a really big deal so we all bark and talk and wag our tails and share stories about our day.
I love to take walks, and occasionally I move to a trot, especially if we are going downhill.  I love to smell new things in the grass, and stop and look at the stairs leading to the front porches of all the houses. I wonder if each house has food and comfy beds like my foster house.  I eat really well, and I eat everything I am fed. That’s the way I was raised. I am housetrained, and like to go out as soon as we all wake up in the morning (I don’t wake up until my foster parents and the other dogs do).  I love to be around people; when I wake up from one of my many naps during the day and no one is around, I’ll look everywhere for someone. I love people. And I LOVE belly rubs!
My foster mom says that I am the most laid back dog ever, a true southern gentleman. If you’d like a completely chilled out dude that loves his people, has never met a stranger, gets along easily with other dogs, and will be loyal for life, that’s me!
BTW – My foster family named me Jordy after the Green Bay Packer’s Jordy Nelson – because he’s an all American football player, raised on a farm, and has been out for the season with a bad leg which is how CBHR found me!  But like Jordy Nelson I am healing well and looking forward to my new life! Woof! Contact CBHR about me today. 02/16/16