Jo is the third of CBHR foster Hope’s puppies and was striking from the start. The “black” on her coat was more of a dark grey and she quickly became the first true tricolor of the pack. She’s a beautiful girl and the most distinctly basset of the bunch. She’s a very confident girl, and very much a girl – smart and determined. She’s begrudgingly started to eat mush but isn’t a fan of the mess it makes in the overall playpen. She’s got an independent spirit and adores time outside.

As an adopter, it’s important to know about mama, Hope, too She’s an absolutely strikingly beautiful dog with the most remarkable personality and loving nature. Her vet calls her super woman, given her ability to deliver 7 gorgeous healthy puppies and nurture them so lovingly and confidently among people considering the environment she was rescued from. She’s a basset mix; her feet and howl are definitively basset. But her eyes and face appear to come from a springer spaniel. She’s about 35 pounds, and short/compact for a basset mix.

Hope’s pups and their mom are living with 3 “house dogs” – a beagle mix, cocker mix, and chihuahua mix. They are being introduced to people daily and hopefully given the best opportunity to be ready for your loving care and training to help them become wonderful dogs. They are loved to the moon and back and will be missed so much when it’s time for them to graduate to their forever homes.