I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 03/15/16

Hello, my name is Ms. Jilly. I am an independent kind of girl having been responsible for taking care of myself before CBHR came to my rescue. I was a bit of a mess when I got here. I had heart worms, my teeth were a disaster and I suffer from some intermittent seizure activity. I also didn’t know how to play, rarely came indoors and wasn’t really sure how to accept kindness or affection. All that has changed though because of some really patient foster parents and a big pack of brothers and sisters. That’s right, I live with 9 other hounds!

Today I am all fixed up. My heart worms are gone and my teeth just got all fixed up. I am on a low cost medication for seizures, less than $30 a month, but boy am I worth it! I will delight you with my food dance and will dance some more if you give me a treat. I am an expert at dog doors having to navigate through two here and I am still somewhat of an independent girl. I love to pick up scents in my yard and track anything that might have invaded us the night before. If I get a good scent I will always let you know with my hound dog baying. Yes, I am really a great hound dog.  I am really not much trouble at all requiring a few good head scratches and pets throughout the day. I am still learning how to play but I am an eager student. I have traded in sleeping outside for sleeping in a nice big fluffy dog bed. If you have a lot of love to give, I would be willing to leave my brothers and sisters for you. I know they won’t mind as they have been so committed to helping me learn to be a lover! 12/08/15