I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – thanks CBHR! 09/27/13

My name is Jethro and my foster mom says I am the sweetest and most easy going hound she has ever had, and I totally agree. I have only had one parent for most of my life, lived a cozy existence, and then my owner unexpectedly passed away, and now I’m an official CBHR hound searching for my new home. I am 6 years young, around 44 pounds, with the quintessential long basset ears and droopy eyes – I mean – just look at this mug. This long and lanky drink of water is one of the best tail waggers you’ll ever meet. I am settling in nicely, but can’t wait for my forever home. I’m loving, by no means clingy, and pretty laid back. I’m the ultimate four legged guest – no counter surfing and I’m housetrained. I can be a little stubborn at times, it’s just the basset way. Did I mention I’m a real love bug? Initially I had no interest in exploring the backyard, as I was more used to being walked on a leash by my former owner… we lived in an apartment. I am now exploring more and checking out the scene, but I’m pretty sure I’ll stick close to home. Oh yea, my bark is less Ruff and more falsetto trill – but hey, that makes me unique! So what are you waiting for? Just ask for me – Jethro! 07/22/13