Fly high, sweet Jenny!

Have you ever heard the term “one sick puppy?”. That term describes me pretty well. My name is Jenny and I am a CBHR “forever foster.” That means that the great folks at CBHR and my foster family have agreed to take care of me until it is my time to go over the bridge. I came to CBHR from a shelter in 2016 and they have been caring for me ever since. I have multiple serious medical problems, but most days are good. The wonderful thing, for now, is that I am maintaining my potential and living one day at time. Not unlike a lot of humans I know have to do….

I have some arthritis that keeps me from getting around much, but medication makes me comfortable. I am cured of heartworms, but the treatment left me with a weak heart. My heart might be physically weak, but it is full of love for the people who are willing to help me. Would you consider helping me by a donation to buy me the medicines and vet services I need? What little you can spare will go a long way to make my days better.