Jake – Forever in our hearts. Rest in Peace. 11/27/15

Jake is one of our 3 forever fosters. CBHR proudly cares for these sweet hounds when they are otherwise unadoptable for medical reasons.


Guy: <on the phone> Yeah, I’m married, does it matter? You’d do that for me? Really? Yeah, I’d like that.

Wife: Who are you talking to?

Guy: Uh, It’s Jake from CBHR. That sounds like a really good deal.

Wife: Jake from CBHR at 3 in the morning?  <grabs phone>  Who is this?

Guy: It’s Jake from CBHR.

Wife: What are you wearing… Jake from CBHR?

Jake: Uh… khakis.

Wife: She sounds hideous

Guy: She’s a basset hound… so…


A great hound… even at 3 a.m.


My angel is Angela West.