I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 12/11/13

Hi, I’m Jack. Foster mom calls me lots of names: Jack Sprat, Handsome Devil, a Low-Maintenance Man and The Early Warning System are just a few. I will admit, I am a little shy when I first meet humans or other dogs. I just want to make absolutely sure they are going to be kind to me. However, once I know I can trust you I turn into a love bug. Take a look at the picture of me snuggled up next to foster mom’s dad. When he comes to visit I proceed directly to the couch and remind him that his primary responsibility in life is to scratch me. I do that with foster mom too, but I have learned to wait my turn as I have three other canine siblings here. I do so badly want to play with my canine friends and will nudge them and grunt to initiate playtime. Sometimes they will play, sometimes they give me the, “kids… ” look. I can make my own fun though. Just check out my videos below to see what you’re missing out on at play time. Mom says I am a low-maintenance man as I am completely housebroken, healthy with good skin and good ears, eat well, sleep well, and LOVE to go for walks (ok, truth here, I am a bit demanding about my walks, but am ok with short ones if it necessitates). This basset is determined to keep his hunky figure! My previous family said I had some chronic skin problems, but when I first got to CBHR doctor gave me some cheap meds and voila, those skin problems disappeared right away and never came back! Mom does give me skin support food. Don’t tell Bambi and friends, but my diet consists of venison and it’s great. I will say, it has given me a shiny coat that complements my hunky figure quite nicely. As far as the Early Warning System, it likes to ring once or twice a month about 6am. I’m still not convinced the garbage men aren’t here to do evil; better warn everyone! I don’t like to bark often or inappropriately, but mom says sometimes I need a volume button. At least you won’t have to worry about any cat burglars! If you are ready for an all-around great six year old hound, ask for me, Jack!–9/19/13