Jack (bonded with Pepper)

You would think that with names like Pepper and Jack our bios would contain some reference to food, particularly since we bassets are well known for our affinity for something to eat. Well, actually there’s nothing “cheesy” about us.

You might have read about my bonded mate, Pepper. I do love her so, and we get along famously! My foster parents call me “Happy Jack” because I am just that. My happy and playful times are typically in the morning and late afternoon. I really enjoy a good game of chase or some play wrestling with Pepper and my foster brother and sister. Everyone gets in on the fun. In the other times, I like nothing better than a mid-afternoon nap. My foster mom says I can be described as “social, but independent.” I am always glad to meet new people and dogs, and love greeting them with a wagging tail and a basset howl. Otherwise, I am quiet and content just to hang out. Pepper told you how much we would love to be in a forever home, but I will second that. We both promise to love you unconditionally. That said, I better go for now, it’s approaching my nap time…

Update: Woohoo! I have found my forever home!! Happy tails!