Hurricane Mattie

I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 01/10/17

Hi everyone! I’m Hurricane Mattie, and I’ve got a very interesting story. The Friday before Hurricane Matthew, one of the animal control officers in the area under hurricane watch let CBHR know about a baby that might be a basset mix, because I’ve got big ears and I’m small. CBHR tried to reach out during the week following the storm, but the area was so flooded all the shelters were closed. Luckily another rescue pulled me along with dozens of strays to clear room for the residents dogs, and I finally made my way to my foster mom in Raleigh, one of CBHR’s foster parents. My foster mom says I’m not a real basset, and she’s fostered many. I’m super curious, full of puppy energy, and have really sharp baby teeth that haven’t begun to fall out. So she and the nice people at the animal hospital say I’m about 12 weeks old. She says though I’m not a real basset (maybe a beagle/basset/pocket beagle/who knows what mix) I’m really special. I survived a week in a rural shelter that was over crowded with dogs, and the conditions weren’t great. I got quite sick, but I’m a fighter and I came out of that with flying colors! Yay me and the nice veterinarians who took care of me and my foster family. I love to play, and can keep myself busy outside in my little fenced in area for a long time with lots of toys. I love shoes, but my foster mom said that I can’t have anymore after I took one of hers apart. I have a big appetite and think everyone should have seconds, thirds, and then start eating again and eat all day.
Walks are funny. I like to hold my leash in my mouth. If I’m with my foster fur sister or fur brother I like to have their leashes in my mouth. I LOVE to jump in ornamental grasses, and flowers, and bushes. I don’t know why everyone wants to keep moving if we can all just jump into leaves and roll around. And I love to eat leaves!

Everywhere we go everyone stops and says “ooooo, how cute”. And that I’ll get a home really fast! I’m in no hurry because I love my foster mom and big sister and fur sister and fur brother so much. My foster mom says one of the best things is I love my play pen where I sleep. I get a baby kong with a bit of peanut butter around 9 pm, and she comes and wakes me up around 7:30 am. She says I never bark. I just haven’t figured out how. I also have very special marks. One is a white spot on my back that my foster mom says is an angel. Others have said Casper the Friendly Ghost, or the snapchat icon. And the other is one blueish cloudy eye. The doctors think I may have been scratched when I was a baby. Maybe that’s why I got left at the shelter. But my foster mom says that makes me even more special.
Overall, this much we all agree on. I am 100% puppy, love, and big ears and hope to find a home that is full of love forever and ever, where everyone likes to eat all the time and play! Preferably a fenced in yard, you will need to keep me on a leash at all times otherwise. Car rides are cool, and as long as your other four leggers can handle some puppy, I’m great with them. I can sleep through the night and am crate training, but I’m so new, foster mom is still working on fine tuning my housetraining. I’m very eager to learn new stuff. Contact CBHR today to see about how we can become new best friends. 11/14/16