Grateful for the happy times Hunter had with his foster family. Yes it would have been great if he had a little while longer… but he does know what it feels like to be unconditionally loved now. Sometimes that has to be enough. Rest in peace, Hunter. 01/06/16


Hunter came to us last week in pretty sad shape.  He had not had good care in a long time as evidenced by untreated glaucoma in one eye (he’s now blind in that eye), a raw and open scrotum from it dragging on concrete, a HORRIBLE ear infection, a skin infection, and an ulcerated fatty growth on his shoulder.  His previous doctor spoke with us prior to his arrival in the CBHR program and she said she told the owners, “please get him some help, you cannot care for him properly”.  His previous owners couldn’t wait to drop him off and be done with him.  I would like to think their loss, some lucky home’s gain.  

Hunter was dropped off at a CBHR vet on Thursday morning last week and his new doctor said with as infected as his ear was the fact he allowed her to clean it without sedation showed what a nice dog he was.  In fact, she stated, “he has to be one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever met”. 

So far Hunter has gotten his neuter and scrotum fixed, his ugly shoulder lump removed and his ears and skin treated. This photo was taken a day after surgery.  Not a single complaint; this sweet boy hopped up in the comfy hound chair and gladly welcomed all love and scratches! Eventually, Hunter will need a loving home who recognizes what an awesome dog he is even if he ends up going blind in the other eye.  In the short term Hunter will need some sponsors to help provide for the remainder of his care.  He will still need eye surgery, and lots of care to get the ears and skin righted.  Contact CBHR if you are interested when Hunter is ready for his forever home. 09/29/15