I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 08/25/15
This 4 year old handsome little man is as calm and easy going as they come. Very social and gets along well with his 9 year-old basset sister Lucy. Crockett is very respectful of her space and is allowing her to get to know him without being pushy. Who doesn’t love a good nap in their favorite chair? Well, Crockett sure does. And when that work is done, there’s nothing like playing with some squeaky toys or chewing on a good bone for a couple of hours. This guy has a bark like an 80 pound watchdog, but he uses it sparingly, like when someone approaches the yard. You want a longer show? You gotta pay extra… with treats. He also likes to climb a little bit and was found on the dining room table looking for a snack. Most of all, Crockett is looking for a human who will spoil him rotten – give him lots of tummy rubs, head scratches, and snuggles in bed at night. Could you be the one? Inquire about Crockett today. 08/22/15