Hello, I’m Hope and I’m very happy to meet you, thank you very much!

I’m pretty sure you are doing a double take because of my amazing black and white coat and my freckles. Not common in a basset, but I’m not a common dog – I’m exceptional! I know exactly what I am a mix of: a big heaping of Basset, plus lots and lots of Love and Loyalty which adds up to the perfect dog in doggy math.

I’m loving life with my foster mama and fur siblings. I really really love warm blankets, my dog bed, my crate with the door left open, and oh how I love breakfast and dinner! I’m an amazing dancer when dinner and breakfast are being prepared. Not sure why the other dogs don’t dance, now they give me the whole kitchen to go “cha cha cha dinner is here”! Sometimes I end the dance with a howl of pure joy.

I also love TV! When the TV is on, someone is sitting on the couch which means they need a basset belly to rub or ears to scratch and I’m more than happy to oblige. If you want to watch TV everyday and scratch behind my ears I would love that! You can watch TV while I gaze at you.

I like to wag my tail non stop, except when I sleep. And my foster mama said I’ve been stellar with potty training. She gave me an EXCEPTIONAL!

I look forward to meeting you for a dance, belly rub and long leisurely walk soon. 1/6/18