I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 01/21/16

Henry is a really sweet boy. He does pretty well on a leash (pulls a lot at beginning of walk) and is a good walker for his age of 9….he actually walks faster than his foster sister. Henry gets along well with both foster sisters – although he is not overly interested in them or in playing with them. He knows a little about house training, but foster mom is working on honing those skills in preparation for his forever home. No doggie door at Henry’s current residence and he seems to navigate steps with no problem.  Not crate is being used and we think Henry’s energy level is a combination – his energy can get really high when he is a little anxious. He barks and drools and whines a little when foster mom is leaving, but hopefully as he gets more settled, there will be less of that. He is super excited and talkative when you finally return home. Who doesn’t want their own cheering section of hound dogs? Henry is a “fit” basset and could maybe stand to gain just a few pounds. He is a really lovely boy. He wants to be loved, and really seems like a young 9 year old. He will be all settled in and searching for his new best friend in no time. Check back soon for more updates and this handsome fella. In the meanwhile, check out my video below. 10/01/15