Sweet Helen has gone to the bridge. Now she can see again.  2/23/2018

Current foster mom has been caring for Miss Helen, who is a sweet, wonderful dog. Despite not having eyes, she navigates the house, is housebroken, uses the doggie door, and loves belly rubs.  She enjoys a very short walk, especially in the grass.  Helen came into rescue with very nasty ear infections and continues to need medical care.  She currently is getting drops twice a day and may need ongoing ear care.  Helen also takes Rimadyl for her arthritis twice a day but will eat them as is. Please considering helping Helen. Helen is good with other dogs, but can be a little protective of food during mealtime. She is very low key and LOVES nothing more than a soft bed. 02/24/16

Helen recently came to our foster home and is a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL dog!  I was concerned about her blindness and how she would adapt, but she acts like she has lived in our home forever!  She immediately sniffed around the yard and our home, tail wagging nonstop.  She very quickly found her food dish and her favorite dog bed in the house.  After a long day of transport and medical care, Helen is quickly feeling better and has quite the pep in her step.  This girl is estimated to be between 7-10 (her teeth looked better than the vet expected).  She is recovering from a severe ear infection and will need some dental care, but I would start thinking about Helen for your home.  She is very friendly, loves belly rubs, likes our basset Gus, loved going for a long walk this morning, and LOVES to eat.  Don’t let her blindness fool you, Helen would be a terrific addition to a loving family! Most recently, according to Helen’s recent blood work, she is in very good health and only uses a daily supplement for her joints and is ready to go. Contact CBHR today to see about making Helen part of your family. And in the meanwhile, check out sweet Helen in action below. 09/12/16