Hi from Hattie,

To all my friends, supporters and all who sent good wishes my way, I am on my way to the Bridge. Since I was a stray nobody but me really knew anything about my previous life but foster mom thought that it may not have been so bad. I was completely house trained and got along with the other dogs and all people.

Foster mom, Pauline, said that my spirit was one of the most gentle she had seen and she called me the gentle angel.

When the shelter called CBHR about me they said I was sick and probably had cancer. CBHR wanted to help me so they took me in and started sending me to vets. Nobody was absolutely sure what was wrong with me so when I got to my foster home CBHR started looking into some diagnostics to find out my problem and hopefully help me. These tests were very expensive so the call went out for some financial aide and boy did y’all respond. I had my bone biopsy and as foster mom and I waited for the news we had a good time. I was feeling pretty good then and eating Ok and when I didn’t eat foster mom gave me salmon(fresh), boiled chicken, canned food and anything I would eat. It occurred to me that I should not eat regular dog food because the alternative was better. I got named the gourmet basset.

My diagnosis was not good and it made all who knew me very sad. I had a malignant melanoma that had spread. The next few weeks were not so bad but then as expected I got worse and Dr. and mom were having trouble controlling the pain. When I stopped eating, had trouble getting up and whimpered at times mom decided that it was time for me to make my journey.

I left with a full heart and much gratitude for all the help and support I got from so many. Your thoughts and your good wishes helped so much. Bless you all and know how special you were to me.

Love to all,