What is there to say about me? My name is Harriet, and I am an active Basset Hound who wants to run and play. I am lovable, smart, house trained… and learned the dog door in a few hours. I will hog the bed, can be a bit of a Velcro Basset, but am not overly demanding, just love humans! I have never been abused or abandoned, so am very trusting dog (except when I gave my foster mom the cold shoulder as she was driving me home). I am very adaptable to new situations, and am especially good with meeting the other dogs on the street. My former owners report I am timid around children under 9….. Not aggressive, just uncertain. I am energetic, so be warned I will take all the attention you can give me.

BTW, my birthday is 1-16-2014, so let’s plan my next party together! Who needs Ozzie around when I can live with you?