I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 06/15/17

Hello, my name is Gus. I am one of the new guys around here. I have been settling in at my foster home for a couple of weeks. I am about 5 or 6 years old and I am a big goofy baby. I was was very spoiled and loved in my last home and my foster Mom says I am a typical Basset- Spoiled and a bit dramatic. At some point in my early life I was left in a house with not food or water for a week before somebody found me. The vet thinks maybe I suffered a little bit of neurological damage from this. Nothing terrible, but my head shakes a little sometimes (more when I am excited or worried) and sometime not at all. I am a very slightly uncoordinated, but most of the time you don’t even notice. I have trouble with the stairs so I am looking for a home with very few or no stairs. Foster Mom showed me how to go up the stairs, but I can not go back down the stairs. Sometimes I sneak up the stairs to see the kitty cat I love so much and if get caught halfway up I can put it in reverse and back down the stairs. Foster Mom said that is something to be seen. There is a lot of stairs in my foster home and Mom says she is getting big arm muscles from carrying me down all the stairs. I am silly and I like to run around the house several times a day. Mom calls it the zoomies and she thinks it is very funny. Sometimes the cat joins me. I really like the cat! I am completely housebroken and I walk great on a leash and I LOVE to ride in the car ( I do need a little boost to get in). There were lots of people and pets here for Thanksgiving and I did fine with all that excitement. I was a little picky about food when I first got here, but once they figured out I like canned food with gravy in it, mixed with dry food and them warmed up all was good. I am a little spoiled as was said before 🙂 I get a little nervous when people leave, but after a minute or two I give it up and go to sleep. I will lay on a bed on the floor but I really like to lay on the couch too. Once again my basset butt needs a little boost to get up there. Foster Dad said something about making me a little ramp so I could get up all by myself. I have been sleeping in the bed with my people and I really like that. One of my favorite things is pillows. Every where I lay down I like to have a pillow or two. I am sweet and I like everyone. Foster Mom says if they did not have so many stairs in the house they would keep me forever. My dream home would have very few or no stairs and people who are not away all day long. I would also really like to have a yard to snuffle around in.
*I am Gus’s Foster Mom and he really is a great dog. He is a little quirky, but he is loving and really funny and sweet. I just know he will be a perfect addition to the right home. Of all the dogs we have fostered Gus is the one that people just love. He is such a comical boy with his long ears and his wrinkles. He loves his people very much. Everyday we see more of his personality. He is definitely one of the most endearing hounds I have ever met. He is also the handsomest guy ever! 12/18/16