I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 05/01/15

Hello. This is Barclay and he’s getting all spruced up so that he can look for his forever home. Here’s a little story regarding the featured image, which is of Barclay sleeping. A little something to make you smile, and so that you can get to know him better…

“That picture was taken right after he came home from 2 days at the vet, having his round of heartworm treatments.  He was so sad and so sore and just wanted to cuddle with us.  After I got up from the loveseat, Michael tucked the little pillow under his head and he never budged.  As you can see “nursemaid” Mr. Ripley [featured in an additional photo] was doing his part!”

Foster mom realized how hard it was to get photos of Mr. Barclay after he arrived; he doesn’t like to sit still.  But they have been working on his sit command, so stay tuned for more “awake” pictures soon.  This was just one of those very rare moments when they caught him asleep. He has lots of energy and is a real love bug.  The foster family absolutely adores him and says he is soooo smart!   He is about 48 lbs. now and looking so beautiful.

Don’t delay. Check in to find out about more about Barclay today. 04/22/15