Good luck Ginger! Ginger was moved to a rescue in NJ. 10/31/13

Basset hound? Who you callin’ a basset hound? Okay… okay… there was a mix-up. I met this lawyer, we went out to dinner, I had the lobster bisque… yada yada yada… CBHR rescued me from the shelter. I like bassets… several of my closest friends are bassets… I can even act like a basset if you like. If I grow too tall, maybe crouch down when you want? If it helps, I’ll more than likely be a better listener, no offense… just saying. Maybe I will even save you tens of hours over the course of a lifetime cleaning ears? Time that could be better spent walking or rubbing my belly. I’m sweet and love everyone and everything I meet! I can play with my toys for days on end… and just between you and me, I’m about to get this house training thing down pat! I’m a young and spunky, active little girl seeking the same in my new best friend… could you be my forever home? Just ask for me – Ginger. 10/16/13