Well hey there! I am a new guy in the CBHR family, but am surely looking to move to a new forever home. Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself. My name is Gilbert and I am a 5 year old man about town who is glad to be in a stable home while I gain some weight and get my stubby basset legs back under me. My foster family has quickly learned that my goal is to be a lap dog and relax on the sofa with my humans. I can take or leave cats, but will probably just ignore them. Dogs are a lot cooler. I have also shown them by my “wag meter” that I love hands on attention. Just so you know, I am not big on retrieving my toys, but I do like carrying them around. You never know when an opportunity to play might strike. I will stay in a crate if I have to, but much prefer to socialize. I have a few things that startle me, like a broom. Who would have guessed? I don’t need any deep psychoanalysis about that, just a little TLC and assurance that I am safe and loved. I sure would like those feelings in a forever home with you!! 2/4/18