Gigi (Bonded with Blue)

Medical Needs: ER bills: $900

I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 03/08/17

We’re Gigi and Blue. Double the fun. Ready made family. All that. The only thing better than a basset hound is TWO basset hounds! Couple of gals lookin double digits in the face and sniffin’ around for our new place. You won’t find a sweeter pair. We get along with men, women, children, dogs, unicorns, you name it. Foster home has no complaints and we don’t think you will either.

Gigi- One of our lovely Italian ladies had a mishap a few weeks ago. A yummy, juicy bone was just sitting there waiting to be chewed by any fine basset. It turns out Gigi and one of her foster siblings had the same idea at the same time. As many of know, sometimes that can result in a bit of a squabble between our jowly friends. Gigi managed to get her leg bitten and it required sedation, a few stitches, and an emergency fee. Of course this happened right when her toe was almost healed. This poor girl got SO excited to be out of the shelter and onto her new life that on her freedom ride she jumped out of the car before we could grab her and broke one of her toes. Thankfully, she’s on the road to recovery now, but her ER visits did take a bite out of our budget. Gigi will need sponsorship of $900 to cover both of her ER bills. 09/28/16