George, one great hound,Β is now at the bridge. He was loved by foster mom and the CBHR family and will be greatly missed. RIP George. 06/15/15

My name is George and a nice lady named Heidi from Carolina Basset Hound Rescue called and ask to interview me for Foster Dog of the Week.

Heidi- So George tell me a little bit about yourself.

George- I was picked up as a stray about 2 months ago and came to CBHR. I am about 6 years old and

I am about to have my heart worm treatment so I can find my forever home.

Heidi- How have they been treating you in your foster home?

George-Oh my gosh, they are the best people ever! I get to live in a great house and do all kinds of fun stuff. They feed me good food and I have a soft bed of my very own. My family thinks it is funny that every evening at 7:30 on the dot I want to be tucked into my bed for the night. It is pretty safe to say that I am not a night owl.

Heidi-George, I hear there are some little people in your foster home. What do you think of little people?

George-I have to say the I love kids!!!! They are so fun and I love to cuddle and play with them. My favorite games are tug of war and keep away. I love to play with toys and sometimes it is hard to remember what toys are mine and what toys belong to the kids. Those stuffed animals all look the same to me. The kids don’t seem to mind because I don’t take the stuffing out of them, I just toss them around. Don’t tell the kids, but the quickest way to get them to play with me is to run off with one of their stuffed animals πŸ™‚ One day I got to go to the school and meet all the kids friends.. It was really fun to get to see all the kids and play with them. My foster mom says I am very sweet with kids and I think that is because I am just a kid at heart.

Heidi-I have a personal question for you George. Do you go potty outside the house?

George- Why yes I do go potty outside. They have this really cool thing called a doggie door in my house and I go out when I need to. I also am great on a leash and I love to go for walks. You just never know who you might meet when you are out for a walk. It is a great way yo make some new friends!

Heidi-Well George, it has been so nice getting to know you. You sound like the perfect dog and I don’t think it will be long until you find your forever family. I look forward to doing your happy ending post in the future. I hope you don’t mind if I ask your foster mom if she can sum you up in a few words.

George’s Foster Mom- β€œGeorge is everything you want in a dog. He is such a good boy! All he wants is to please you. And when he gets into some mischief, he hangs his head low and looks at you with his droopy eyes and ears. Melts my heart.”