Gator, a gentle giant that will forever will be in our hearts.He was loved and cared for by his wonderful foster family. They, along with the CBHR family will miss Gator now that he has made his journey to the bridge. RIP Gator. 03/23/16

Hey y’all – Gator here – The southern gentleman’s hound. I wasn’t always such – I spent the first 12 years of my life with one dad. I was an outdoor, doghouse-in-fenced-in-back-yard Bubba. That was all I knew. I didn’t even know my dad’s name since I was always outside and he was always in that building that looked warm and cozy at night. And then one day, I never saw my dad again. Soon I found my way to CBHR where I would now and always be allowed in the warm and cozy building. They said I would need to change my ways to find a forever home. I was so fat it was easier to go over me than around me. But here we are now – 15 pounds later! I was fully housetrained quicker than a knife fight in a phone booth. Full disclosure – I do have a penchant for hopping up on the couch to take a nap. And just so you know, you probably shouldn’t leave fried chicken unattended at the edge of the dinner table. I am with new foster parents and two basset siblings now and I am very quickly learning their ways, like sitting by the door when I am ready to go out, without fail. Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? At age 12, I don’t look or feel a day over 9! I am a gentle, loving, laid back yet relatively active hound. Click here to see me on my walk. I still get out and run at the dog park. Don’t believe me? Just click here – I’m the one in the red bandana doing my best to keep up. I still jump in and out of the car on my own and navigate stairs with ease. I want to shadow my “furever home” parents and/or four leggers around the house, lay next to you to take naps, and enjoy those massaging shampoo baths that I have grown to love so much. Most of all, I need a family for constant companionship, and a home to belong to. I’m waiting for you. Hurry, but don’t be so clumsy that you trip over the cordless phone. Just ask for me – Gator! 01/12/15