Sometimes a name given to a basset hound just fits. So it is with me, Garth. Let’s start with the fact that I have friends in low places. Well then, most of us bassets do because our short legs place us in low places, and I make friends easily. Let me tell you about my voice. My foster mom says I have a great downhome tone and “sing” quite often to say hello, let you know it’s dinner time; or as most entertainers do… seek your attention!
I have a LOT of energy and dance, sing, and just want to be loved and noticed. I need to gain a few pounds, but will soon have my “pudge” back (just like you know who). There are a few things I need to get settled before I am ready for a forever home, but my foster family is helping me get those in order. If you put me on your main stage I promise not to disappoint, and promise we can start “the dance” together.