Fred Rogers

Male       Age: Over 9
Adoptable 30-45 lbs

I am Mister Fredrick McFeely Rogers, and my foster parents say that I am the most awesome Basset Hound EVER. But I am a modest, humble gentleman. I am completely house trained, ask permission to get on furniture, and love children with gentle hands. I will say that I may be 11, but I don’t feel 11 or act it. I am very spry and can get up and down stairs easily, and can jog with you for a half mile or so with no problems. I like my walks, (preferably twice a day), my comfy bed, and toys to play with. What I adore the most thought is ear rubs – I love them. I get along with everyone, human and canine. The only challenges I have revolve around food. I used to get table food, and now I don’t. (It’s not good for me). But, I beg…in the sweetest way. It’s hard for my foster parents to resist my sweet face and my begging noises…but they have to resist. My health depends on it. My foster family says I am the best. Anyone would be lucky and blessed to have me in their family! I’m looking for a new best friend who will love and care for me the way I deserve to be treated – to live like a king. I can definitely add love to your neighborhood! If you have a comfy cardigan for me to change into… wwon’t you be my neighbor… furever? 03/30/17