Male       Age: Over 9
Forever Foster 30-45 lbs Calm in crowd/noiseFriendlyGood with adultsGood with dogsHouse trainedLeash trainedLoves to ride

As you are reading this I bet you are wondering how an older guy like me ended up with the CBHR and what’s my story. Well, to start, this is not my first “rescue rodeo” and was rescued (again) along with a couple of other my basset friends. We are now safe and secure in our CBHR foster homes and doing well.
My previous owners were not big on my dental care so I had several infected and decayed teeth. Good news is that the vet removed them, and I can eat again! In fact, I was famished and am eating three meals a day to get my weight back. As an older guy I have some mobility limitations and some hearing problems, but still have some pep in my step. My foster mom says I am getting my “wag” back and am an all around sweet guy. I love to follow my follow my foster parents around, and am a very comfortable with them and other dogs in the house. One description is that I am a “velcro basset” because I like to be close. Another one of my best attributes is that I have an uncommonly soft coat and don’t shed much. How many bassets do you know who can say that?
Yeah, I am a little older and not interested (or able) to take a jog with you. BUT, I would love to be around you, follow you around, and generally be your guy. If you feed and love me I will show you my new smile, even if it has a gap or two!