Are you looking for a brand new best friend that is fluffy in all the right places? You’ve come to the right place. Meet Fred. You might call him Fat Fred in the beginning, but get to know this guy and you’ll be calling him Freddy the Teddy. Oh yeah… he’s good!┬áHis hair is also a touch fluffier than normal, only adding to Fine Freddy’s endearing qualities. And his smaller frame would make him the perfect lap dog. Fred might have had a bit of bad luck before being rescued, having his owner pass away, but he’s a treat jar half-full kind of hound and ready for the next chapter in his life. He’s possibly the shortest shadow you’ll ever have, as Fred likes to be nearby, he doesn’t want to get left behind again, and who can blame him? Perhaps Fred is an international traveler and speaks multiple languages… we don’t know… but currently the English versions of “sit” and “stay” ain’t really scratching him where he itches, if you know what I mean. He does however speak “treat”, so show him one of them and you’ve got this MENSA card toting hound’s full attention. Fred would also love to take a walk with you and does well on a leash. Freddy seems to have a soft spot for the ladies and the kids and some of the softest fur you’ve ever felt. He might pull the slow basset stroll most of the time, but when it’s called for, Fred can turn on the speed. Once settled in, he’d likely do best as an only dog and should be a great addition to any family. Ask for Fred. 06/09/15