I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 06/05/14

Heard of being kissed by the freckle fairy? Well, my name is Freckles, and I might as well BE the freckle fairy. I am about 5 years old, housebroken, and just about the nicest dog you’ll ever meet. Even though I don’t have the long ears and big feet that most bassets have, foster momma says I’m beautiful just the way I am. My favorite activities are playing with squeaky toys and getting my freckly belly rubbed. I don’t root around in the trash, and when you give me treats, I take them very gently. Fireworks and gunshots scare me a lot, but I don’t bark my head off or run in circles. All I need is a safe place to hide under a table or even in a closet. Of course, whichever spot is close to you is the best one. What’s that, you wonder why such a perfect little lady has to look for a new home? Well, my owner had to go far away for cancer treatments and couldn’t take me with her. She didn’t know when she would be back, so she brought me to the shelter, and I ended up with CBHR. I sure hope you will add me to your family – I will love you forever! 04/10/14