I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 11/18/15

Meet handsome Floyd. He is a love bug and if foster mom’s dog wasn’t giving her the look of “when is our houseguest leaving? ” he’d probably become a foster fail! He loves being around another dog and is good with the resident cat. He loves the cat but she keeps her distance. Sometimes he tries to follow her around the house and she isn’t fond of that but knows he is harmless. He loves the other resident dog and wants to be where she is if foster mom is busy but if she’s on the couch he wants to be right next to her. He uses the dog door and work is underway on sitting on command. Treats definitely motivate him. He does sometimes get into things and likes to take things outside. Such as dish cloths, every dog toy, blankets, and occasionally something else random, a hound has to stay active, right? There might be the potential for mischief, but if he gets a bone or Kong with peanut butter he is happy for awhile. He also loves taking the squeaker out of toys. He loves everyone and every dog, and doesn’t know what an enemy is. He hasn’t been on anything other than short walks because of the heartworms but does fine on a leash and his nose leads the way. Call CBHR today and find out about adopting Floyd when he’s all squared away. 08/26/15