I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 11/11/14

Is it really you? Have you come to rescue me? I used to be Puddles (what an unfortunate moniker for the sweetest little basset girl ever) but now I’m Flo! I’ll never ask you to kiss my grits but maybe i could give you some kisses? So let’s get a plan in the works here where I come to live with you… make your life whole again… and you give me unconditional love and groceries in return… How’s that work for ya? I’ve got a bit of recuperating to do here in CBHR foster care, but oh how I long for the day when you and I become inseparable. I love to give kisses and I love to have my ears massaged… what basset doesn’t? I may have had a rough past, but everything is coming up roses now. What are you waiting fo? Step right up and tell them you’re interested in Flo! 01/16/13

My Angel is Patricia Boggs whose donation is in memory of Philip Stanley