Male       Age: 5-9
Available soon 45-65 lbs Calm in crowd/noiseFriendlyGood with adultsGood with dogsGood with kidsLeash trainedLoves to ride

If you are a movie fan you know the story behind the superhero in Shazam!. A lightning bolt strikes a try of chemicals that soak an otherwise mild-mannered guy, Barry Allen, and he becomes The Flash. He gains the ability to travel at super speed and goes on to save Central City from a variety of calamities.

Well, then there’s me, Flash. My superpowers are a bit less dramatic but are impressive, nonetheless. My basset legs limit my ability to travel at the speed of light. I am more a “speed of dark” sort of guy. I have the special powers of appearing goofy and a bit awkward that lure people into thinking I am laid back. Actually, that’s not too far off base. I can also appear friendly and loving, but that’s my sinister plan to get a treat. I like to follow humans around so I might be confused with ‘The Shadow”. That’s one of my diversion tactics. My disguise is my long body and large head that make my arch enemies confuse me with a lion, except my wagging tail is a giveaway. My most insidious power is that of drool that can make intruders slip and fall.