You might know over the course of time there have been several super heroes named “Flash.” I am the latest in the series. My hideout is an open door crate and that is where I nap and eat on some occasions. I have a lot of energy, happen to be a bit small in size, but am large in the sweet and cute categories. My foster mom declares I am “super sweet.” I have even been known to leap short fences with a single bound, so you need to be aware I have that capacity and inclination at times. I really like other dogs, people, and haven’t shared any time with cats.
My foster mom says a little bit of beagle shows in me, but I am mostly basset. The legs are a dead give away! Having been an outside dog for a while, I need to learn a few indoor manners like not jumping up or taking food out of people’s hands. I already know how to use a doggie door, so any other things I need to learn will be easy. I just need some instruction and patience. I don’t dig, bark, or complain about sharing food. I am a bit of an opportunist, though, and will eat my dog roommates food if they aren’t careful. I am little wary when people approach me with something in their hand, but am learning to trust more. That is probably because some human villain was mean to me.
So, if you are looking for a lifelong adventure with a known super hero, give the CBHR folks a call. I will be glad to come on over and show you my stuff!