Hunters companion. Howler. Crumb snatcher. Professional sleeper.

Flash Gordon Lightfoot led many hunters to countless small game in the early 2010s; “the most remarkable of hounds,” they called him.

He is fluent in snoring, walking, drooling, seeking attention, doggy door, dog wrestling, sniffing, and getting his way. On one occasion, he had enough of a small kid’s unrefined version of play and gave a little nip (allegedly). He had grown into an older hound, less tolerant of those ways, and subsequently was moved along to another home. A CBHR home. Flash is a spirited hound of a certain age, quite handsome, dressed in a slightly fading tri-color jacket. Why fading? It comes with the wisdom a basset gains by the time he reaches middle-age.

Soft, strong, playful, eyes that will melt your heart, a coat made of the finest hair that will ever grace your rug, crooked legs, big paws. Companion, that’s his job now. House-trained and completely unwilling to get out of your way, Flash is the best friend that’s been waiting for you. A 45 pound low rider for the discerning hound lover. A not-so-hard-working independent basset who seeks the perfect sofa in the perfect loving home, that may or may not contain additional pack members. He’s flexible.