I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 01/20/15

Hi adopters – I’m Fiona, a super sweet, 10 years young, classic basset girl, complete with long ears and big white front feet. I was recently returned to CBHR after my family had a divorce and no one could keep me. My first couple of weeks back in rescue were very confusing, and a little scary for me. See, I am rather timid around people I don’t know, men more so than women. However, my foster family has been very patient with me, and I learned quickly that I am still safe and secure. I especially like my foster mom, but foster dad is pretty great too. We have short spurts of “playtime” where I hop around them a little, and as soon as they get me, I roll on my back for belly rubs, which everyone knows are the best! These playtimes are normally followed by lounging and/or napping on a comfy dog bed with a pillow or blanket to rest my head on. I don’t always want to cuddle (sometimes I need my space), but I do prefer to be in whatever room ¬†foster mom and dad are in. Unlike many bassets, I will wait until I am hungry to eat, and when I do eat, I am very well mannered. Unfortunately, I am heartworm positive, but I have already started treatment and will be done in about 6 weeks. I also had a mass on my side that needed to be removed, but have recovered from surgery very well. I am housebroken – my foster home has a doggy door, and while I know how to use it, I prefer being accompanied when I need to go potty. Foster mom says this is very silly of me. Other dogs are fine by me, but I am also comfortable being an only dog. I don’t need a huge space, so small yards and apartments would suit me fine (stairs don’t bother me yet). Because I am timid and startle easily, a calm home would be most ideal. I sure hope you will contact CBHR about adopting me soon! 10/13/14