Male       Age: 2-5
Adoptable 45-65 lbs Calm in crowd/noiseDoggy doorFriendlyGood with adultsGood with dogsGood with kidsHouse trainedLeash trained

You might be asking “Why do I see a mostly-boxer on the CBHR website?” Well, that’s a long story…. You see, my unlikely roommate “Oscar” the basset hound and I arrived at the CBHR at the same time. We were reported as a bonded pair, but as it turns out, we are not quite that close and I am just fine in my new foster home. I guess we were somewhat unlikely companions just like the other Oscar and Felix.
So, here’s a bit about me. As you might expect for a dog my breed, age, and size I am not quite a basset. I have a lot of energy and like to play “catch and fetch.” Compared to my current basset roomies I am quick. Even though I am faster and bigger, I am gentle with them. Honestly, I think they look funny and need to grow longer legs. I really like my chew toys and can be a bit persistent with my humans when it is time to play. I understand toys are for chewing and other things are not. I also will respond to commands like, “sit” and “down”. How many bassets do you know that will do that?.
My foster family has really helped me with going outside and using the doggie door. I do like to loudly greet people and dogs walking by my foster’s house, but my foster parents are asking me to use my inside voice. My leash training is going very well, it is just that I need to understand my own strength sometimes.
So, even though I might be a bit of a surprise in your basset quest, I am a great guy and full of life and love. I promise to sleep through the night, behave myself, and be a great addition to your forever home. Why don’t you give the CBHR a call, and me a chance?