Okay, okay, okay. I’ll admit. I’m not an actual, legitimate, 100% basset hound. Or one percent… but there’s a story there. I could tell you it was one of those switched at birth situations, but I cannot tell a lie. I am actually the result of a secret experiment to combine the DNA of six dogs to produce the perfect puppy. Much to the surprise of the scientists, twins were born. Me and my basset brother Oscar. My name is Felix. Unfortunately, the perfection they sought, was only realized in one of us… me. Oscar is destined to go through life as a simple basset that will never know what the view from up here is like. But enough about him, he’s fine and has a forever family, I need a home, let’s talk about me.

I am an American Boxhound. A good-natured, low maintenance hound who gets along well with kids and dogs. Even when other dogs come up, I can remain as cool as a cucumber. My foster family has done a phenomenal job showing me the ropes. Having been given extra in the intellectual department, I can assure you that I’ve all but mastered most of the traits prospective dog owners look for in a potential new best friend. I am an eager learner. I love knowledge, in fact, I yearn for it. If you need me to be calm and sit on command on leash, I can do that. I have a whole host of tricks that I can show you with tennis balls, but we’ll save that for later. Trust me, you will be impressed. In my down time, I love to be a sweet, rambunctious, goofy boy. You simply cannot look like me and not have that side to your personality. It is impossible. I hope that I don’t sound conceited when I say this, but I’m kind of the whole doggy package – bright, alert, sometimes silly, but always courageous.

It is true that I have a lot of energy, but while living with bassets I’ve been fitting in quite well with their energy level. If you’re into a healthier lifestyle, I can be convinced to accompany you on that journey as well (as long as I still get plenty of nap time). Did I mention that I’m crate trained and house broken? Yes, I thought you’d appreciate that one.

I have been trying to get adopted on the Isle of Bassets with CBHR, but it’s just not happening, and I think we all know why. People see me and immediately feel like they’re not worthy. But trust me, you are. For that reason alone, it is not easy being this handsome. That is why I have begun my own campaign. My new best friend is out there. I just know it. My foster family has done a phenomenal job showing me the ropes, and so have my basset big brothers, but it is time to move on. Are you my people? Have you been searching for a tall, super-sized lap dog? I know you have. I’m that guy. And you will never have to buy a set of steps so that I can reach your bed. Call CBHR today and see what all the fuss is about. You won’t be sorry.

Boxhounds rule. Bassets drool.