What do basset hounds and the Irish have in common? Well, typically not much except in my case. My name is Feherty and I am named after the Irish golfer, David Feherty. When my foster parents were thinking of a new name for me (Jethro just didn’t fit), their daughter suggested my current name. The first time I heard it, my ears perked up… to the extent my basset ears “perk”, and the name stuck. As St. Patty’s day approaches everyone has a bit of the Irish in them, so why not me??
My foster mom reports that I am an overall great guy. I am fun to be around and love to ride. If my humans have an open lap, it won’t be for long because I am glad to fill it. Give me a toy and it’s playtime! Take me outside and I will sing you an Irish tune for a minute or so in appreciation when we return. I’m a gentleman and fully crate trained. The leash is not my favorite, but I am learning to take it in stride for the greater good of a stroll along the lane. So, if you want to experience of bit of the luck of the Irish, adopt me into your forever home. I promise it will be good.
Just remember, as the Irish say, “A hound’s food is in its legs.” Amen to that….