Emmy, a sweet girl who will forever will be in our heart, has made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. The entire CBHR family will miss Emmy. RIP Emmy. Fly free, sweet girl. 09/30/17

CBHR’s sweet Emmy found herself in need of rescue at the golden age of about 15. This lovely lady’s family dropped her off at the shelter as a euthanasia request as they said they couldn’t keep her anymore! You know that a dog of that age in a shelter doesn’t have many chances. The shelter staff was just heartbroken for Emmy and said despite her age and a touch of arthritis in her back legs she really had no ailments that should doom her to euthanasia. That’s when the shelter called CBHR. And you know CBHR was glad to help. Emmy has been in a wonderful, loving foster home since March and enjoying every minute of her family. She’s been doing great, but a few weeks ago a large lump appear on her back leg. Her doctor took a sample of it and found out it is a mast cell tumor. With her advanced age and the location of the tumor doctor feels she is not a good candidate for surgery. However, a local oncologist generously donated some left over treatment of a drug that specifically works against her kind of cancer. It’s has a lot fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy. We hope this will shrink the tumor and let Emmy continue to have quality of life for her remaining time. Right now Emmy has a six week supply of the medication, but she will need daily medication for approximately the next six months. She needs sponsorship of $150 per month for her to continue on the medication. 09/28/16