Emily (Lady)

I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 05/16/17

Meet Lady Emily. She is a wonderful dog and has a great disposition. The vet agreed that she certainly doesn’t look 10 years old (except a little greying on her muzzle). She loves riding in the car and seems very calm and pleasant when meeting strangers. She is a certified therapy dog. Her previous owner took her to library reading program to read with children. She loves men and women. She has been a little shy around foster mom’s cat. Initially not even making eye contact with her and leaving her food bowl the cat approached. She is great with other dogs and will sometimes engage the younger dogs in a game of chase. She does seem to prefer to go out on a leash than to use the dog door. But she is using the dog door without encouragement in the last few days. Emily apparently wasn’t into the whole “obedience” game. But how many bassets are? She may utilize the old selective hearing if you start saying things like “sit” or “stay”, but she is such a pleasant walker on the leash. The first few nights at her foster home, Emily slept in an open crate, by her own choice. But she has been sneaking up and sleeping on the foot of the bed for the last few nights. That’s more of a basset style Miss Emily. Doesn’t this lovely young lady sound like the perfect companion. Called and inquire about her today. 5/1/17