I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 01/07/14

Love me tender… love me true… I’m Elvis, or you can simply call me E, I don’t know exactly how old I am, but they say I look around 6 or 7. I know, I know, I look great for my age! I’m laid back, get along with everybody and I’m house trained, currently becoming doggy door certified. Who could ask for anything more? And check out that unique black mark on my tongue… no trouble identifying this handsome devil… and you may have noticed a little bit of my right ear missing. But no worries, it doesn’t affect my listening capabilities one bit, and I even know a few commands. I consider these only charming eccentricities. I like basking in the sun and watching the birds and squirrels go by before I make my move (so far, unsuccessfully, but I can run like the wind, and a hound can dream, can’t he?) I’m just a big old hunk, a hunk of burning love… and check out the size of those paws! I’m ready to move on down the road to my forever home. Are you lonesome tonight? Give CBHR a call and just ask for me – E! Thank you… thank you very much… 12/01/13