Ellie Mae

Okay, with my name being what it is I bet you have already associated me with the TV character with a similar name. That’s fine, no offense taken, because we do have some things in common. We both are gorgeous, have good figures, and love people and critters. But in Clampett language I would say, “ Fellas kin be more fun than critters.”
My foster family has gotten to know me very well and they say I am “adorable.” They also say I am the center of attention when we go on walks, and that is when my personality shines. You would think I was running for elected office by my tail wags and my happiness to see people. I am not much of a lap dog when I am alone with my family and am content to sit on the floor near them. At night, I like sleeping on the floor next to them. I really don’t like to be alone, and my foster mom has some ways that help me when I have to be. I don’t need a crate and am ok to just have my own area. I have a great memory for things, like toys, and do well with other dogs. I have just not known any cats.
I am not interested in “picking up my things and moving to Beverly (Hills, that is)”, but I surely would love to move to a forever home. Well doggies, I just might just be the girl for you!

10/3/18 – Oh happiest of days! I have found my forever home!