I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 03/20/17

My name is Druppy, and I’m pleased to announce that the great folks at CBHR have rescued me and I’ll soon be looking for my forever home, as soon as they get me all checked out and fixed up. Age is only a number, and shouldn’t stand in the way of me and my future best friend. I’m a very loving hound who loves belly rubs and I’ve already found my way to the sofa in my new foster home. I’m an excellent car rider. They aren’t real sure about my reported age, since I’m very spry and have lots of energy on walks. Adopt me and I might share my beauty and longevity secrets. My transporters all raved about me. You really must meet me in person. I’ve even been referred to as a perfect gentleman – that’s completely unsolicited testimony. The more love you give to me, the more you will get in return. It boggles the mind how I even ended up in rescue in the first place. Call CBHR today and ask for the great basset hound that is currently residing with them… my name is Druppy. 02/23/17