I’m finally home – I’ve been adopted – Thanks CBHR! 01/04/14

Droopy is a gentle soul seeking a forever home to call his own. We have a feeling that he thinks that he is British royalty due to his nature of relaxation and the belief that humans are around merely to serve his ear rubbing needs.  He does well with other dogs and is quite curious, but he likes to be next to another animal or human.  He is definitely a shadow.  He will follow you around while you do your housework or yard work.  He is a great supervisor to have around.  Droopy does great with other dogs and children.  He is relaxed, so he prefers things not to get too rambunctious in the household.  He walks well on a leash, but don’t ask him to run.  His running speed is not that fast, not due to inability, but mainly because he would rather just stroll.  Droopy’s favorite day of the week is Saturday when he goes to the farmers market to talk with the vendors.  This is followed up with shopping in the antique stores, they like to invite him in and give him treats.  He is starting to become a favorite at the farmers markets and his name is well known. Overall he has an amazing temperament and likes to snuggle on the couch with everyone. Call CBHR and ask for Droopy! 12/01/13